Salamu alaykum warahmatulah wabarakatuhu.

We all know that something unwanted is something unplanned for. So it won’t speak well if we don’t consider the problems behind having an unwanted pregnancy.

The problems can be organised into three broad categories..

1- The first menace is that many young men and women lack sufficient motivation to avoid becoming pregnant until they are ready to do so. This fact is partially the result of changes in cultural norms overtime

2- Some individuals who are motivated to avoid pregnancy are handicapped by a limited understanding of how to realize their good intentions….. For instance, Teens and young adults are woefully misinformed about how to use various methods of contraception, about how safe and effective those methods are if used correctly..

3- The cost of the most effective forms of contraception are sometimes prohibitive and access to them is limited.
Having listed all this problems, we can deduce that they are all rampant in our various environ

The solutions to the problem are ;
1- Total abstinence from sex

2- Use of contraceptives.
The contraceptives are now categorised by male and female

For female;
1- Oral contraceptives; This protects by the combined actions of the hormones estrogens and progestin. The hormones prevent Ovulation(we understand Ovulation as the release of eggs in the ovary). The pills have to be taken everyday has directed.

2- Depo-Provera; It is an hormonal contraceptives injected into a muscle on the arm or buttocks every three months.

3- Implants; They are small rods, which are surgically implanted under the skin of the upper arm, where they release the contraceptives steroid levonorgestrel. Their protection lasts from three to five years (3-5 years)

For Male:
1- Condom: Some of this rubbers have spermicide added to kill the Sperm. They act like mechanical barrier, preventing direct vaginal contact with semen, infectious genital discharges, and genital lesions.

2- Male Sterilization: This is also known as “VASECTOMY”. It is a quick operation performed under local anaesthesia with possible minor post surgical complications. The body will then absorb the Sperm cells…

In summary preventing or solution To an unwanted pregnancy is suitable for parents who needs child spacing
Or who want to stop the coming of children

Insha Allah we will stop there for today… We pray Allah accepts it as an act of worship. Wa Allorhu Aa’alam.

Subhanarabbika Rabbil I’nzati ama yasifun wasalamu a’lal mursalin walhamdulilahi Rabbil a’lamin….. AMIN

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